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Latest update - 19 July 2018 @ 0600

17 July 2018 - Sheffield Trams
Added 19 July 2018
Just a couple of pictures of Sheffield trams taken in passing.

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14 July 2018 - ECML and London
Added 19 July 2018
An early morning and evening session on the East Coast Main Line to the north of London with a brief foray into London in between.

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8 July 2018 - London
Added 10 July 2018
Despite being around the Scottish border the previous day, I was up and out early to grab a few shots on the Piccadilly Line near Park Royal.

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7 July 2018 - On the Border
Added 10 July 2018
The day was spent in the Berwick upon Tweed area capturing ECML services worked by 91s and HSTs. A few spots were tried, including the Royal Border Bridge, Spittal and across the border at Lamberton, Ayton, Burnmouth and Houndwood.

6 July 2018 - Rainbow Shed
Added 10 July 2018
66720 was on 4L22 so I called in to a spot near Langham on the way home from work.


2-4 July 2018 - Local Stuff
Added 5 July 2018
Yet more sunny weather, so a few local bits taken before and after work. The appearance of 'Biffa' liveried 66783 was welcome.

1 July 2018 - ECML
Added 5 July 2018
A day on the south end of the East Coast Main Line, mainly focussing on the Welwyn area.


30 June 2018 - Cumbria With a Difference
Added 5 July 2018
With a cracking forecast, a trip to Cumbria was in order, but after a couple of shots on the coast, I moved inland to photograph the temporary passenger service operated by West Coast Railways on the Windermere branch.

27-29 June 2018 - Leicestershire Stuff
Added 5 July 2018
Clear blue skies, so a bit of after work photting.

26 June 2018 - Local Stuff and Sheffield
Added 5 July 2018
A day off work in order to visit Sheffield, but there was time for a bit of local stuff before heading north.

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