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Latest update - 17 October 2018 @ 0630

15 October 2018 - Class 230 on Test
Added 17 October 2018
Another attempt at the D Stock on the Marston Vale line, this time I managed to capture the shots I had hoped to get the previous Friday, plus a bonus shot at Ridgmont in the fog.

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13 October 2018 - Class 710 Drag and a Standard
Added 17 October 2018
Some unexpected sunshine coincided with a pair of 37s top and tailing a class 710 from Derby to Old Dalby. Also managed Standard 5 73156 on the way home.

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12/13 October 2018 - In Search of D Stock
Added 17 October 2018
Another gamble with a trip down to Millbrook for the class 230 (ex LU D Stock), but this gamble didn't pay off as it didn't come out to play. So I jumped in my car and continued south and captured the London Underground D Stock Rail Adhesion Train instead.

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10 October 2018 - After Work Local Bits
Added 17 October 2018
The water cannon and an ex FGW HST move at Wymondham.

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9 October 2018 - Timeline Events Charter with 70013
Added 17 October 2018
I was only on this charter briefly, but managed this picture at Kinchley Lane. No smoke though, so thanks to City of Wells for the loan of a bit of textured exhaust :-)

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8 October 2018 - Class 230
Added 17 October 2018
I have been keeping an eye on happenings on the Bedford to Bletchley route, and when some late evening diagrams appeared, I took the risk that it might be the class 230 on a test run. The gamble paid off on this occasion.

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7 October 2018 - GCR Autumn Steam Gala
Added 17 October 2018
A few pictures from the GCR's excellent steam gala.

30 September 2018 - Blackpool Illuminations
Added 17 October 2018
A brief trip to Blackpool allowed me a couple of shots of the Western Train and Frigate.

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29 September 2018 - Chasing My Arse for a Pair of 86s
Added 17 October 2018
I started off by heading over to Evesham for 43185. I then heard of a pair of 86s coming down the WCML, so headed across to Cheddington. They missed out most of their booked stops and passed through four minutes before I got there, so all I was left with was a diet of Pendolinos, 350s, 377s and Voyagers.

28 September 2018 - Sparrowhawk
Added 17 October 2018
The 47 was out on driver experience at the GCR, and I managed a quick shot at Kinchley Lane.

27 September 2018 - London
Added 17 October 2018
An after work trip down to London to pick up my wife and daughter. I managed to bag a few bits while I was down there, including 87002 on the sleeper ECS.

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