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Latest update - 19 November 2017 @ 1930

18 November 2017 - Welton
Added 19 November 2017
A quick trip up to Humberside for a go at the 20s on the RHTT heading to and from Hull, which was based upon a top forecast for the area....so I am very disappointed to say I've seen better light...

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18 November 2017 - Bakerloo Batteries - Part 2
Added 19 November 2017
Round 2 of engineering trains on the Bakerloo Line, and a variation on the shots from last time, as they were booked to arrive at Queen's Park running 'bang road' on the southbound. A bonus shot was also grabbed at West Hampstead.

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12 November 2017 - Poppy Battery Loco and A Stock
Added 15 November 2017
For what I believe is the first time, a battery loco carried a poppy to show respect for the fallen. The guys at Transplant not only applied this feature to a couple of locos, but also raised a decent sum of money for the Royal British Legion. I was keen to capture a loco with a poppy, and I am grateful to those at Transplant who kept me up to date on when it would be out, and also for making sure the cab lights were on as it passed through Harrow-on-the-Hill. A shame about the Uxbridge train blocking any shot from the opposite platform, but my more head on platform-side stance certainly takes the eye to the poppy, which of course was my main reason for being there. Before leaving, I also managed a few pictures of the A Stock. 

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12 November 2017 - Lincolnshire Diverts
Added 15 November 2017
Various trains being diverted away from the ECML through Lincolnshire.

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4 November 2017 - London
Added 7 November 2017
A cracking day in London which started with a rail-grinder in Kilburn Park station. This was followed by a trip to Paddington where a couple of battery locos could be found parked up. I then headed across town to catch up with the Russian liveried S Stock at Temple, followed by a cab ride on the Metropolitan Line (fully authorised of course). It was then a case of loitering to see if any engineering trains came out of the possession at Wood Lane, three of which did. Finally, the day was rounded off with the A Stock RAT at Amersham. 

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28 October 2017 - Night Shoot at Swanwick Junction
Added 29 October 2017
A very enjoyable night shoot at the Midland Railway Centre with star of the show, class 33 D6501. Also taking part were class 11 12077 and class 20 D8188. A big thank you to all who supported the event, the lighting lads and the staff and volunteers of the MRB for making sure everything went without a hitch.

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28 October 2017 - Bakerloo Batteries
Added 29 October 2017
A shot I have wanted to capture is a battery loco climbing out of the tube tunnels up to Queen's Park station on the Bakerloo Line. The chances of doing this are slim, as not very many go that way, and if they do, you need to capture them when the power is off so that the lighting in the cutting is on. A track replacement job at Queen's Park gave just such an opportunity, so I made a late night drive down to capture the shot. I started at Neasden and grabbed a couple of shots and some video of engineering trains as they crossed from the Metropolitan Line to the Jubilee. I then drove across to Queen's Park and captured not one, but eight trains climbing out of the tunnels (not all eight are included here).

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22 October 2017 - London
Added 23 October 2017
A day in London with my wife. No real desire to spend the day photographing transport subjects, but I did pop off a few shots as we moved about the city.

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20 October 2017 - NSE Hoover
Added 23 October 2017
An EMRPS photo charter at the Epping & Ongar Railway with 50026 'Indomitable', and also featuring 205205 and bus RT3238. As usual, the EOR put on a great show for us.

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