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Latest update - 26 May 2017 @ 2330

26 May 2017 - Clear Blue
Added 26 May 2017
Pretty much a clear blue day, so the camera got some use after work. First off Cathiron for 4M25, then Normanton on Soar for a few freights.

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25 May 2017 - More East Midlands Bits
Added 26 May 2017
A couple of pictures at Syston South Junction in the morning, my target being 4K45, which turned up with a 70 on the front. Then in the evening, the Toton to Crewe dropped a pair of tractors again. Sawley was the chosen location, with better light this time. 

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24 May 2017 - East Midlands Bits
Added 25 May 2017
The Colas 67s worked a Derby-Leicester-Derby run, which was timed to perfection as I made my way to work after a medical appointment, and then a bit of a 'biggy' as 37716 and 37059 dropped on 6K97. 

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22 May 2017 - DB Shed
Added 23 May 2017
6L75 pulled in on the way to work again...this time with a bit of zoom.

21 May 2017 - London Bits
Added 23 May 2017
A few bits around London, including Richmond Railway bridge and a few London Underground pictures.

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18 May 2017 - DB Shed
Added 20 May 2017
6L75 pulled in on the way to work.

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13/14 May 2017 - Romney, Hythe & Dymchurch Railway Steam and Diesel Gala
Added 15 May 2017
It has been 22 years since I last visited this railway and I had been looking for an excuse to visit. Then I saw details of the RHDR 90th Anniversary Gala posted on a friend's Facebook profile, and my mind was made up. This gala featured trains every 15 minutes in each direction during the day on the section between Hythe and New Romney, plus the trains then carried on into Saturday evening, and then through the night into Sunday! The weather forecast said sunshine from the afternoon onwards, but the sun actually appeared a lot earlier than this, and although not every train was in sun, the majority were. After spending the day photographing, I caught the 2100 New Romney to Hythe which was hauled by 3 'Southern Maid' with load 12. Upon arrival at Hythe, I quickly realised that there was a shot of an arriving train under the roof, albeit not on this occasion as the loco was quickly surrounded by passengers, and then it quickly moved off to the turntable. After a superb run back to New Romney (the train length had been increased to load 14!), a car drive back to Hythe allowed an arrival shot of number 3 arriving with the 2300 ex New Romney to be taken. After a quick divert for a flash shot of the train as it headed back to New Romney, there was then ample time to return to Hythe again to photograph 10 'Doctor Syn' arriving and then departing with the 0100 to New Romney. A superb event, at a fantastic railway.

10 May 2017 - Local Stuff
Added 11 May 2017
A few local bits snapped on the way home from work.

7 May 2017 - London (Farewell to the D Stock)
Added 11 May 2017
I went to London to see the D Stock Farewell Tour. I also managed to snap a few other bits, including a battery loco at Embankment. Sad to see the end of the D Stock in passenger service.

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6 May 2017 - Deltic on Blue & Greys
Added 11 May 2017
Porn! Pity about the weather!


5 May 2017 - East Coast Main Line
Added 11 May 2017
Glorious sunshine, so I headed off to the Grantham area after work for some ECML action.

23-30 April 2017 - Isle of Man
Added 11 May 2017
Having missed the 2016 photo charters in the Isle of Man (mainly due to losing my job a few months before), I was glad to be in a position not to miss the 2017 events. It turned out to be a fantastic week with some great opportunities.

23 April 2017 - The Journey to the Isle of Man
I travelled across from Liverpool, so that could only mean one thing, get there early and spend a bit of time on the Wirral Heritage Tramway before the sailing. As usual, the staff were very helpful and posed Wallasey 78 on the curve by the depot so my son and I could grab some photos.

24 April 2017 - Isle of Man Day 1
The first four days involved the steam railway. The first day involved something a little different with loco number 10 'GH Wood' carrying a headboard and flags to replicate the day the railway re-opened in 1967....or so it should have done. Upon arrival at Douglas, the headboard was in place, but the flags did not fit. There was much frustration, but myself and Ian Whitehead got our heads together, and with a little help from the crew who supplied us with cable ties, the flags were successfully fitted during a pause at Port Soderick. The day began cloudy with small blue holes, but as the day went on, the small blue holes became big blue holes and we had plenty of sunny shots. The wind was a problem at times as it pushed the exhaust down at a few locations, and the flags had to be re-set several times as the wind tried (unsuccessfully) to rip them off the front of the loco.

25 April 2017 - Isle of Man Day 2
Loco 13 'Kissack' had been painted dark green in time for the 2016 season, but as I did not go in 2016, I had not managed any photos of it. This day put that right as we had the loco on a four coach train. We started with some long distance shots near Port St Mary before back towards Douglas and then working our way west to Port Erin until the evening. Although there was some cloud about, every single run past was in sun and it was a cracking day. The last location we did was the highlight with some delightful run pasts at Ballabeg. By this time, although we still had sun, the weather was closing in, and by the time we got back to Port Erin, there was a short hale storm.

26 April 2017 - Isle of Man Day 3
Another mostly sunny day, and 13 'Kissack' again, but this time with a short mixed train in tow (plus two extra carriages for carrying the photographers around, which were dropped off at most locations). Starting at Douglas, the first location was at Ellenbrook, where numerous run pasts were made in sun. The train then gradually worked westwards during the day as far as Castletown where it was turned back to Douglas ready for an evening run out to Keristal for the evening shot with the sea in the background. Sadly, the light collapsed by this time, but with a bit of light in the sky, it was possible to make a very attractive black and white silhouette shot to end the shoot with. Finally, Port Erin delivered one of its wonderful sunsets.

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27 April 2017 - Isle of Man Day 4
The final day on the steam railway and another change of loco, this time to number 8 'Fenella'. This was a largely cloudy day, but it started with sunshine at Ellenbrook and Crogga, but the exhaust was a problem at Ellenbrook. The day then went mostly cloudy, but talk of an evening clear out gave a reason to hang about for another crack at Keristal. The train returned to Douglas, and while the loco was fed and watered, we all had a tour of the engine sheds. The engine then set off towards Keristal with the sky rapidly clearing out. The first location was leaving Oakhill cutting, and despite masses of blue sky, it was struggle to get the run pasts to coincide with the sun as the cloud was building up on the coastline right where the sun was with clear sky to the north of the sun's position. By the time the train and the gallery moved round to the shot at Keristal, the sky had cleared further and there were about 8 run pasts in banging light to end the day with.

28 April 2017 - Isle of Man Day 5
The day started with an early morning photo shoot on the Douglas Bay Horse Tramway. This was the first time I had photographed this tramway, as all of my previous visits have been in April, and their operating season never started until late May. Since being taken over by Isle of Man Transport in 2016 however, the operating season has started in April, making a photo shoot possible. Throughout the shoot, there was no sun until right at the end when we reached the Derby Castle terminus. That was the last we saw of the sun all day. Following the horse tram experience, our party transferred over to our waiting tram on the Manx Electric Railway, and we had a sunless, but enjoyable day on the MER with 'Tunnel car' 6. In the evening, there was a night shoot which enjoyed the joint efforts of myself and Mike Smith with the lighting, and featured two scenes, one of which featured 'Winter saloon' 21 in it's late 1950s / early 1960s green and white livery, and the other featured cars 6, 20 and 22 with the illuminated 'Electric Railway' sign as a backdrop. This shoot definitely made up for the lack of sun during the day, and it was nice to get a decent shot of car 21.

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29 April 2017 - Isle of Man Day 6
The weather was pretty overcast, but it was a free day which was spent in Douglas where a couple of milky sun shots of horse trams were captured. In the afternoon, I visited Douglas shed again where I took a few more pictures. It was then back to the hotel for a meal and a pint.

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30 April 2017 - Isle of Man Day 7
Time to go home, but first another early morning photo shoot on the Douglas Bay Horse Tramway. Again, the sun did not play ball and indeed the forecast was for full cloud all day. After arriving back at the Derby Castle terminus of the Horse Tramway, we were given a tour of the stables, at which point the sun came out. It then gradually cleared, so before checking in for the ferry back to Liverpool, it was possible to get a few sunny shots on the Horse Tramway and also on the MER. A nice end to a cracking week.

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22 April 2017 - London
Added 11 May 2017
I was in London to promote my London Underground Guide Book, but managed a few pictures while I was there.

15 April 2017 - Birkenhead
Added 16 April 2017
Easter Saturday was spent in Birkenhead (and Liverpool). I spent most of the time on the Wirral Tramway where Liverpool 245 and Birkenhead 20 were
doing the honours. I also managed a few ships, and some 507/508s at Hamilton Square.

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