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Latest update - 5 December @ 1930

3 December 2018 - Return to Caution
Added 5 December 2018
An arty shot of Melton's up distant signal on my way home from work.

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1 December 2018 - London Trip
Added 5 December 2018
I have wanted a shot of a Metropolitan Line train arriving at Aldgate for some time, and as each train arrives while another stands in the adjacent platform during the day, I figured the only way to get it was to travel down early, catch the Night Tube from Stanmore to Baker Street and get the first outer rail Circle Line service of the day. This actually gave me the chance to capture three trains clear of a blocking train as two Circle Line services were also booked to use the middle platforms before the first Metropolitan Line train. After that, it was a casual day with a few shots at King's Cross followed by a mooch around the Underground, which included a couple of Rail Adhesion Trains and a few other bits.

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22 November 2018 - Arty Level Crossing Shot
Added 5 December 2018
A long exposure of Brooksby crossing with a Meridian passing.

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24/25 November 2018 - The Launch of my Latest Book
Added 29 November 2018
My latest book, 'London Underground Pictorial Series - Book 4' was launched on the Videoscene stand at the Warley Model Railway Exhibition at the Birmingham NEC over the weekend of 24/25 November. It was a delight to be visited on the stand by four Transplant drivers, Findlay, Ralph, Phil and Tony who are seen here posed with me (in the middle), with each of them holding the book open on pages on which they appear. These chaps and several others at Transplant and London Underground are very helpful when it comes to capturing pictures of the Underground, especially the engineering trains, for which I am always grateful.

The book is available from several outlets, but can also be purchased online at the Videoscene website.

25 November 2018 - Blackpool Trams
Added 29 November 2018
I was dropping my daughter off in Blackpool and just managed to catch the end of a Blackpool Heritage Tramtours winter running day.

20 November 2018 - Cleethorpes
Added 22 November 2018
It may seem a bit random to be posting a one off picture of Cleethorpes station, but I was there to present a slide show in the old station building seen behind the train in this picture and thought I might as well have a photo of something in the station while I was there.

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18 November 2018 - Lakeside & Haverthwaite Railway (and Blackpool)
Added 22 November 2018
A fantastic day with Fairburn tank 42073 on a photo charter organised by Peter Van Campenhout. Full sun all day, great views, backlit steam and glints in top locations was the order of the day. A big thank you to Peter for a great day. There is also a random Blackpool tram which was taken on the way home as I called in to the seaside resort for a bite to eat with my daughter who currently lives there.

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17 November 2018 - Duchess
Added 17 November 2018
With 'Duchess of Sutherland' passing through the area, I decided to head out to Rotherby for a shot, fully expecting to come away with a cloudy shot to convert to black and white. I was confident that the exhaust would go the right way thanks to a south-easterly breeze, but as I waited, I became aware of an advancing area of blue sky, and just before the train was due, it lined up with the sun.....and bingo!

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14 November 2018 - Heading for Huddersfield
Added 16 November 2018
I presented a slide show in Huddersfield which gave me a chance to grab a few shots on the journey, plus a few night shots in Huddersfield station.

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13 November 2018 - Inter City 91
Added 16 November 2018
News came through that 91119 was working its first train since being vinyled in Inter City livery, so I headed across to Grantham from work to grab a picture. I also managed a 90 on the Newark and 91124 (on stupid ISO) which passed through at full line speed.

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11 November 2018 - London
Added 16 November 2018
Up at the sparrows fart for a session in London. My main target was the west end Central Line RAT and some of the poppy roundels on the Underground. My first location was North Acton where the RAT was captured entering the station, and thanks to a quick run in the pouring rain, was also captured departing off of the overbridge. Next was East Acton, followed by a trip to Balham to capture one of the roundels. I then headed back to North Acton in the hope the RAT would do its mid-morning run in a bit of sunshine....I socred on both counts. I then had a potter around London and grabbed a couple more roundel pictures before heading home.

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10 November 2018 - ECML Diverts
Added 16 November 2018
The day started sunny, so I headed across to Lincolnshire for some diverted ECML trains. First stop was Collingham to intercept the Lindsey to Kingsbury tanks, followed by Washingborough for a 67 hauled drag and a HST. Next was Swinderby for another drag, and finally to Saxilby where the light collapsed before I could get anything other than a pair of blathered 66s on an RHTT.

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3 November 2018 - Vale of Rheidol Railway
Added 7 November 2018
A David Williams photo charter at the VoR with recently restored number 7. Sadly the sun didn't put in an appearance, so I played with some monochrome images instead. Despite the lack of light, it was nevertheless a very enjoyable day, and very well organised by David and the railway staff.

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