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Latest update - 18 March 2018 @ 1800

16/17 March 2018 - Acton Town, Hillingdon and Uxbridge
Added 18 March 2018
A late night trip down to the Underground to capture some engineering trains for a possession at Uxbridge. As well as a good smattering of battery loco photos, I also managed to cpature a few other bits, including a couple of ex Victoria Line 1967 Tube Stock cars that had been parked alongside Acton Town station. It turned out to be quite a productive night, and I am especially please with the pictures looking down on the worksite from Park Road bridge in Uxbridge.

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12 March 2018 - Sheffield
Added 15 March 2018
I was presenting a slide show to the RCTS in Sheffield, and prior to the show, managed to grab a few tram and bus pictures.

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10 March 2018 - Sandtoft Trolleybuses
Added 15 March 2018
I was invited to light a night shoot for David Williams / Timeline Events. It featured a London trolleybus with an RT bus, and then three Bradford trolleybuses. With some appropriate re-enactors and a rain soaked site, the pictures certainly looked the part. I am especially pleased with the full reflection of the three Bradford vehicles, but I did practically have my camera in the puddle to achieve it.

28 February 2018 - Rugby 90
Added 15 March 2018
A football special calling at Rugby with a class 90 at the sharp end.

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Some Recent Non-Railway Pictures (and one from December I forgot about!)
Added 15 March 2018

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28 February 2018 - Frisby
Added 28 February 2018
Another attempt at a glinty shed, this time with a bit of snow kicked up from the wheels (not that there was much snow about - just a wee sprinkiling)

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25 February 2018 - Local Stuff
Added 28 February 2018
The prototype HST in action at the GCR(N), a HST approaching Loughborough and a grotty shed on red wagons at Cossington.

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24 February 2018 - South East
Added 28 February 2018
A sunny day, so off to the south east for a mixture of stuff. It was a cracking day which only had one low point, and that was missing a 73 at the foot of the white cliffs as we didn't get there early enough (whoops!).


22 February 2018 - Glinty Shed
Added 28 February 2018
Right conditions, right lighting and a train at the right time.

20 February 2018 - London (including Mail Rail)
Added 28 February 2018
I was asked to present a show to the Light Rail Transit Association in London, so decided to make a day of it. I started with some early morning battery locos, then had a chilled out day which included a visit to Mail Rail and a behind the scenes look inside the soon to be closed Hammersmith signal box on the Hammersmith & City and Circle lines. The visit to Mail Rail has also prompted me to add a page which includes a few of my old slides from when the system was still in operation.