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Latest update - 19 May 2018 @ 0215

16 May 2018 - London
Added 1 9 May 2018
A small selection of London Underground pictures.

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10-18 May 2018 - Mainline Stuff
Added 1 9 May 2018
Various local bits on the mainline.

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13 May 2018 - Foxfield Railway
Added 19 May 2018
An EMRPS photo charter at the Foxfield Railway with visiting class 14 D9531, which ran for the day with it's National Coal Board asset number 2100/523. It was a cracking day with plenty of sunshine, some lovely noises as the loco powered up the 1 in 19 gradient, and to top the day off, we also used the loco off of that day's passenger service at the end of the day. This was NCB No.7 'Wimblebury'. A massive thanks to the photographers who supported the event, and to the guys at the Foxfield who put on a superb display for us and were very welcoming.

8 May 2018 - Early Morning Shed
Added 9 May 2018
The Peak Forest to Ely stone train captured on my way to work.

7 May 2018 - NET Charity Tram Tour
Added 9 May 2018
A very enjoyable tour of the Nottingham Express Transit system on a tram tour organised to raise money for charity. It was very well organised and made for a very enjoyable day out. The tour took in some rare pieces of track, several of which are included in the photographs. A tour of Wilkinson Street Depot was also included. Thank you to the organisers for a really great day out.

6 May 2018 - Oxfordshire and the Chilterns
Added 9 May 2018
With Great Western Railway HSTs diverted to serve Marylebone instead of Paddington, I took a trip down to the Bicester to Oxford line and the Chiltern Line south of Bicester to capture a few HSTs plus anything else that came along. I finished the day with a 68 on Saunderton Bank...which was nice...

5 May 2018 - Midland Metro
Added 9 May 2018
A shopping trip to Birmingham allowed several photographs of the Midland Metro to be captured. My wife took care of the shopping part of the trip...

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3 May 2018 - Class 33 Photo Charter
Added 4 May 2018
An EMRPS photo charter at the Great Central Railway with visiting class 33 number 33035. The train was formed of the railway's rake of box vans, some of which have been recently restored and it has to be said that they look superb. A massive thanks to the volunteers and staff at the GCR who helped organise and crew the charter, the lads who own and have renovated the vans, and to Matt and Jack for some great re-enacting, and of course, thank you to the photographers who supported the event. We didn't do too bad with the sun, making it a very productive day.

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1 May 2018 - Random Shed
Added 4 May 2018
Captured on my way to work, this shot was as much about the peg as it was about the train. 

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