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Latest update - 3 March @ 0700

2 March 2019 - Retro WCML
Added 3 March 2019
86259 was captured at Rugby while working a Carlisle to London Euston charter train.

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26 February 2019 - Arty Shed
Added 28 February 2019
66761 on a container train approaching Melton Mowbray.

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24 February 2019 - 1938 Tube Stock Heritage Train
Added 28 February 2019
A very enjoyable day in London to photograph the 1938 Tube Stock which was out on a tour. It was a lovely sunny day, so I tried to make the most of outside locations, only going below ground when it did a lap of the Circle Line. The first location was from a block of flats near Ravenscourt Park, followed by Temple and Baker Street, then Harrow-on-the-Hill and Sudbury Town.

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20 February 2019 - D Stock and a Few Other Bits
Added 22 February 2019
I made my way to Northampton after work to capture 230005 on its way from Long Marston to Bletchley. Not only did I get the 230, but also managed a 90 (twice), a 66 and a pair of 37s.

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19 February 2019 - Tornado Farewell
Added 22 February 2019
I couldn't resist nipping out from work to RAF Cottesmore to see a flypast of three Tornado aircraft (which are soon to be taken out of service). With a flypast, it's a gamble where you stand as they could pass over at any angle and from any direction, so I was grateful that my choice of location was spot on....more through luck than judgement. Oh, and the sun also decided to briefly pop out as they passed overhead.

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16 February 2019 - London Area
Added 22 February 2019
A trip to London, which was really a non-railway trip, but I did manage a few little bits which included a class 37 railtour and 73s on a snow and ice train.

13-15 February 2019 - Sunrises and Sunsets and a Couple of Trains
Added 22 February 2019
A few skyscapes on the way to and from work, a class 710 move and a backlit 66.

9 February 2019 - Matlock Bath
Added 10 February 2019
An afternoon out with my wife to Matlock Bath where I captured this image of the Jubilee Bridge.

m09785.jpg (559789 bytes)


7 February 2019 - Long Buckby and Northampton
Added 10 February 2019
I made an after work move to Long Buckby to see the transfer of 230004 to Bletchley, but missed it by 3 minutes due to it running early. I caught the next train to Northampton to try and capture it there, but it set off before my arrival. I took a couple of unit pics, then headed back to Long Buckby where I captured 90020 on the Dagenham to Mossend, which I was quite pleased with, so it wasn't a wasted trip.

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6 February 2019 - Sunrise and a pair of 37s
Added 10 February 2019
After capturing a nice sunrise on my way to work, I managed a picture of a pair of 37s on a stock move near work during the morning.

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5/6 February 2019 - London
Added 10 February 2019
An evening trip down to London which was rounded off with a few engineering trains.

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2/3 February 2019 - Bradgate Park and Great Central Railway
Added 10 February 2019
For something a little bit different, I made a couple of trips to Bradgate Park capturing scenes, a sunrise and a bit of wildlife. A visit was also made to the GCR to capture visiting Manor class 7802.

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30 January 2019 - Ploughs...but no snow
Added 1 February 2019
A quick dive out from work for a pair of 37s taking a pair of snowploughs to Norwich.

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29 January 2019 - Tewkesbury and Evesham
Added 1 February 2019
I visited Tewkesbury to present a slide show. While I was there, I took a few pictures of the Abbey and also called in at Evesham for a quick photo on the way home.

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26 January 2019 - London
Added 1 February 2019
A trip down to London which included an authorised cab ride on board a Metropolitan Line train.