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These pages contain some of my pre-digital photographs of the UK Mainline scene taken between 1986 and 2006. To understand why some of the pictures are of dubious quality, it is probably wise for me to explain how my hobby of taking photographs developed.
I have been interested in trains for as long as I care to remember, but I started noting down numbers (trainspotting) in 1978. As I got older, I began travelling around the country trying to seek out those 'elusive' locos and units I had yet to underline. In 1984, I started to borrow my mum's camera, which was some cheapo thing from Boots which took 110 film. I couldn't get very good results from this and eventually wanted something better, and for Christmas 1986, my parents bought me a Praktica MTL50 SLR camera. I started out using print film, but frankly, didn't really have a clue when it came to lighting, composition, camera settings etc. I slowly got better at picture taking, but I will be the first to admit that I was a slow developer on this front, mainly because I was still more interested in getting those numbers underlined, and often only took a photo to show that I had seen a particular train. At the end of 1988, I started to use slide film, but the pictures I was taking were still mostly naff. I guess it would be around 1992/93 when my interests veered away from trainspotting, and I started taking photography a little bit more seriously. I was now mobile with my own car and could put more thought into locations, rather than just taking pictures in and around stations, and I soon started to take photographs that I was happy with. Many of my older pictures were over or under exposed and badly composed, but thanks to the digital era, it has been possible to scan some of these pictures and sort out some of these issues. My 'all weathers' approach at times cannot be corrected though, so expect to see quite a few dull shots, and I just hope that the subject matter will make up for this.