Blackpool Trams 2011

This was the final year of the traditional tramway prior to the introduction of the new Light Rail Vehicles the following year. Work continued on the upgrade and the tramway only ever operated between Pleasure Beach and Little Bispham in 2011. The final weekend in November saw quite a few tram tours operate for enthusiasts, after which the tramway closed and would not open again until the introduction of the new trams in April 2012. With the shortened tramway, tram output was low compared to previous years, and the variety was also reduced as several trams had been sold on and had left Blackpool by this time. There were some good highlights during the year though, namely the charity photo shoot that saw several trams emerge from Rigby Road that hadnít seen the light of day for a while, and the repaint of 715 into 1970s style green and cream.

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