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Added 25 September 2020 - RAF Lakenheath (22 September 2020)
It was a bit of a mad leap, but as the weather was good, I decided to head across to Suffolk after work to see if I could catch a few F16s taking off in the evening light. I got there just as they taxied down towards the runway. I was there less than an hour, but I'm glad I made the move.

Added 25 September 2020 - Greater Anglia Unit Drag (22 September 2020)
A lunch time pop out for a pair of 47s with a class 720 unit.

Added 25 September 2020 - Local Drone Bits (21 September 2020)
Several drone pictures taken locally.

Added 25 September 2020 - East Midlands Airport (20 September 2020)
Two 747s were due in, so I spent a couple of leisurely hours in the sun.

Added 25 September 2020 - Ships (19 September 2020)
A day out in Norfolk resulted in me capturing a couple of images of King's Lynn Docks on the way home.

Added 25 September 2020 - RAF Coningsby (17 September 2020)
I ventured across to Coningsby as the BBMF were putting up a few aircraft in the evening. There were also a few Typhoons strutting their stuff.


Added 17 September 2020 - Leicester Buses (13 September 2020)
A single shot of the First Leicester bus depot.

m12184.jpg (472382 bytes)

Added 17 September 2020 - Local Bits (14/15 September 2020)
A few local pictures, all taken with the drone.

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Added 17 September 2020 - GCR DMUs (13 September 2020)
The Great Central Railway was operating a DMU shuttle between Nunckley Hill and Leicester North.

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Added 17 September 2020 - Staycation Express (12 September 2020)
With 40145 working the Stacation Express on the S&C, I couldn't resist making a move. Unfortunately, I didn't get a single sunny shot of the 40, but I did end the day with a pleasing shot of the Scotrail 47 on the other end.

d39885.jpg (734474 bytes)

Added 17 September 2020 - RAF Lakenheath (11 September 2020)
Some USAF F16s were on deployment at RAF lakenheath from their usual base at Aviano in Italy, so I headed across to see if I could grab a few shots. I wasn't to be disappointed as 11 of them took to the sky, along with a similar amount of F15s.

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Added 17 September 2020 - RAF Fairford (10 September 2020)
With six B52 bombers on deployment in the UK, I had a couple of days off work, the first of which, I used to try and capture some B52 action at RAF Fairford. I had to wait a while, but two went up, which I caught taking off and then returning later in the day. A couple of U2 spy planes also provided a bit of entertainment.

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