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Added 24 February 2020 - Midland Metro (23 February 2020)
I thought I would go and take a look at the new extension to the Midland Metro system into Centenary Square in Birmingham.

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Added 24 February 2020 - London (22 February 2020)
This was a day out in London with my wife, but as there was some engineering works taking place at Highgate Depot, I parked strategically at nearby East Finchley and managed a few battery loco pictures without causing too much friction :-)


Added 24 February 2020 - Rugby (21/22 February 2020)
There was a GBRf liveried class 92 on the Caledonian Sleeper, so I went for that and managed a few other bits and bobs too.

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Added 24 February 2020 - Grantham (20 February 2020)
A couple of shots taken at Grantham just before I presented a slide show to the Grantham Railway Society.

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Added 24 February 2020 - London (15 February 2020)
Despite the best efforts of Storm Dennis, I had an evening in London to seek out some engineering trains in the Hammersmith area. Boy was it blowy at thye top of the block of flats near Ravenscourt Park!

Added 24 February 2020 - Rugby (14 February 2020)
A wet and windy evening on Rugby station.

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Added 12 February 2020 - Nottingham Trams and Nuneaton (8 February 2020)
A day photographing Nottingham trams followed by a dash across to Nuneaton for 86259.

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Added 12 February 2020 - Melton and Nuneaton (7 February 2020)
More night shots from Nuneaton, plus a backlit shed shot near Melton.

Added 12 February 2020 - Brentingby and Rugby (6 February 2020)
A nice dinner time pop out for 4M79 followed by an evening on Rugby station.

Added 12 February 2020 - Nuneaton (4 February 2020)
Night photography at the rather dimly lit Nuneaton station.

Added 12 February 2020 - Long Buckby (3 February 2020)
Freightliner action in the form of a 70 and a pair of 86/6s.

Added 12 February 2020 - Syston and Leicester (1 February 2020)
Class 91s being hauled to Leicester depot and a HST and a 47 at Leicester after dark.

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Added 12 February 2020 - London (31 January / 1 February 2020)
An overnighter in London for some battery loco action.

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Added 12 February 2020 - Local Stuff (29 January 2020)
The Peak Forest to Ely captured at dawn at Brentingby, follwed by a lunchtime picture of 66746 at the same spot and a couple of night pictures at Leicester.

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Added 27 January 2020 - GCR Steam Gala (26 January 2020)
A few black and whites from a pretty grey and miserable day (I didn't get up early enough for the brief sunny start to the day). Great gala though.

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Added 27 January 2020 - Metropolitan Line Possession (25 January 2020)
I made my way down to London for some early morning battery loco action. I wanted to get a shot of trains passing through the disused Marlborough Road station, and this required the shot to be taken with traction current off so the trackside lighting would be on. Five trains plus a tamper passed through in quick succession, after which I made my way to the worksite near Lord's (disused), where, with a bit of patience, I eventually managed a very pleasing shot of L16 as it drew forward just as dawn was breaking.

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