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Added 30 September 2020 - Local Bits (28/29 September 2020)
Some local captures.

Added 30 September 2020 - Defford (27 September 2020)
A quick trip over to Defford for a pair of LSL 47s on a charter train.

Added 30 September 2020 - London Underground, RAF Fairford and RAF Brize Norton (26 September 2020)
This was one of those days which at one point looked like it was going horribly wrong, but by the end of the day, looking back, it had turned out pretty mega. I got up early and headed down to London for my first picture of a battery loco since early March. This was a very pleasant shot at Sudbury Hill with cab lights on, although I was very nearly bowled by a Piccadilly Line train going the other way. I then headed across to Northfields where there was a Jubilee Line train of 1996 Tube Stock visiting for brake testing on the South Ealing test track. All this time, I was regularly checking the NOTAMs website to see if RAF Fairford was going to open as I had heard a rumour that the B52s on deployment there would be flying back to the USA on this day. While waiting for the 1996TS to move onto the test track, the NOTAM went in so I jumped in the car and headed for Fairford. The journey was a nightmare, the M4 was closed and the diversion through Maidenhead produced gridlock. I diverted onto the M40 and made my way via Oxford. Once off the motorway, I stopped and checked my phone, the B52s had left....oh hang on, only 2 of the 6 had gone, so I carried on in the hope that the other 4 might be following later. It was all quiet when I got there, but there were ground staff fussing around the aircraft and within an hour the engines began to fire up. 3 of the 4 taxied out (the 4th requiring repairs and departed a few days later), and I was treated to 3 B52 taking off in sunshine. On the way home, I called in at RAF Brize Norton, and just as I got out of the car, an Antonov flew over my head and circled to come in to land. I ran to get right side for the sun and nailed a few shots of its approach before going for a walk around the perimieter fence of the base and grabbing a few pictures of parked up aircraft.

Added 30 September 2020 - Thurmaston (25 September 2020)
A local shot of a HST - note the appearance of new pallisade fencing at this location.

Added 25 September 2020 - RAF Lakenheath (22 September 2020)
It was a bit of a mad leap, but as the weather was good, I decided to head across to Suffolk after work to see if I could catch a few F16s taking off in the evening light. I got there just as they taxied down towards the runway. I was there less than an hour, but I'm glad I made the move.

Added 25 September 2020 - Greater Anglia Unit Drag (22 September 2020)
A lunch time pop out for a pair of 47s with a class 720 unit.

Added 25 September 2020 - Local Drone Bits (21 September 2020)
Several drone pictures taken locally.

Added 25 September 2020 - East Midlands Airport (20 September 2020)
Two 747s were due in, so I spent a couple of leisurely hours in the sun.

Added 25 September 2020 - Ships (19 September 2020)
A day out in Norfolk resulted in me capturing a couple of images of King's Lynn Docks on the way home.

Added 25 September 2020 - RAF Coningsby (17 September 2020)
I ventured across to Coningsby as the BBMF were putting up a few aircraft in the evening. There were also a few Typhoons strutting their stuff.

Added 17 September 2020 - Leicester Buses (13 September 2020)
A single shot of the First Leicester bus depot.

m12184.jpg (472382 bytes)

Added 17 September 2020 - Local Bits (14/15 September 2020)
A few local pictures, all taken with the drone.

F00136.jpg (629342 bytes)

F00137.jpg (656903 bytes) F00138.jpg (684153 bytes) F00140.jpg (622487 bytes) F00142.jpg (641698 bytes) F00145.jpg (620655 bytes)

Added 17 September 2020 - GCR DMUs (13 September 2020)
The Great Central Railway was operating a DMU shuttle between Nunckley Hill and Leicester North.

d39886.jpg (850759 bytes) d39887.jpg (858413 bytes)

F00128.jpg (668933 bytes) d39888.jpg (781709 bytes) F00129.jpg (662357 bytes) F00130.jpg (634562 bytes) F00133.jpg (657849 bytes)

Added 17 September 2020 - Staycation Express (12 September 2020)
With 40145 working the Stacation Express on the S&C, I couldn't resist making a move. Unfortunately, I didn't get a single sunny shot of the 40, but I did end the day with a pleasing shot of the Scotrail 47 on the other end.

d39885.jpg (734474 bytes)

Added 17 September 2020 - RAF Lakenheath (11 September 2020)
Some USAF F16s were on deployment at RAF lakenheath from their usual base at Aviano in Italy, so I headed across to see if I could grab a few shots. I wasn't to be disappointed as 11 of them took to the sky, along with a similar amount of F15s.

m12001.jpg (427048 bytes)

m12025.jpg (372931 bytes) m12048.jpg (356998 bytes) m12050.jpg (433870 bytes) m12062.jpg (434928 bytes) m12073.jpg (349087 bytes)

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m12159.jpg (254406 bytes) m12160.jpg (243371 bytes) m12163.jpg (277178 bytes) m12164.jpg (259822 bytes) m12167.jpg (272712 bytes)

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Added 17 September 2020 - RAF Fairford (10 September 2020)
With six B52 bombers on deployment in the UK, I had a couple of days off work, the first of which, I used to try and capture some B52 action at RAF Fairford. I had to wait a while, but two went up, which I caught taking off and then returning later in the day. A couple of U2 spy planes also provided a bit of entertainment.

Added 9 September 2020 - London (6 September  2020)
A trip down to London for a bit of Underground action.

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Added 9 September 2020 - RAF Coningsby (3 September  2020)
An afternoon off work to visit RAF Coningsby. It was a productive session, with quite a few sunny shots, some glints, a decent sunset and a couple of night shots.

Added 31 August 2020 - Cotswold Airport and RAF Brize Norton (30 August 2020)
I visited Cotswold Airport near Kemble to see the British Airways 747s which have gone there for scrapping. After that, I called in at RAF Brize Norton and ended up staying there for the rest of the day.

m11704.jpg (439225 bytes) m11705.jpg (464787 bytes) m11706.jpg (438454 bytes) m11710.jpg (417711 bytes) m11711.jpg (390689 bytes)

m11716.jpg (604556 bytes) m11718.jpg (379221 bytes) m11721.jpg (327981 bytes) m11723.jpg (277708 bytes) m11729.jpg (305494 bytes)

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m11746.jpg (321529 bytes) m11752.jpg (246774 bytes) m11754.jpg (218440 bytes) m11760.jpg (234464 bytes)

Added 31 August 2020 - Sheffield (29 August 2020)
While having a walk round Sheffield, the sun tried to come out while I was stood by the Cathedral tram stop and while I was trying to catch the attention of a grey squirrel.

d39842.jpg (706344 bytes) d39846.jpg (785913 bytes) m11698.jpg (747046 bytes)

Added 31 August 2020 - Cossington (24 August 2020)
A couple of sunny pictures on my way home from work, then an attempt at night photography at EMA.

m11690.jpg (221550 bytes) m11694.jpg (340687 bytes)

Added 23 August 2020 - East Midlands Airport (23 August 2020)
I went to East Midlands Airport in the hope of getting the AirBridge Cargo 747 in sun. I started at the Kegworth end of the airport, and when the heavens opened with the 747 just 12 minutes away, I jumped in the car and headed down to the opposite end of the runway in the hope of getting something half  dramatic as it landed on the wet runway. I am pretty happy with the result.

m11675.jpg (219839 bytes) m11679.jpg (288781 bytes) m11683.jpg (233651 bytes) m11685.jpg (145204 bytes)

Added 23 August 2020 - Nottingham (22 August 2020)
A sunny spell while shopping with my wife resulted in a few bus pics and a tram pic in the Old Market Square.

m11665.jpg (594106 bytes) m11666.jpg (601407 bytes) m11669.jpg (619179 bytes) m11673.jpg (585328 bytes) d39834.jpg (675706 bytes)

Added 23 August 2020 - London Underground (20 August 2020)
I have had a few trips over to RAF Coningsby of late, and other than a couple of pictures of planes parked up, I have had no sunny pictures. With a good forecast, I took half a day off work and took a chance. I was rewarded with 22 aircraft launching and was able to grab some shots at a few spots around the base. Getting some sunny pictures has really scratched an itch.

m11529.jpg (473011 bytes) m11531.jpg (363579 bytes) m11535.jpg (370452 bytes) m11544.jpg (467630 bytes) m11545.jpg (424437 bytes)

m11546.jpg (518791 bytes) m11549.jpg (433491 bytes) m11552.jpg (420150 bytes) m11553.jpg (381929 bytes) m11558.jpg (418613 bytes)

m11560.jpg (463471 bytes) m11562.jpg (465102 bytes) m11563.jpg (436017 bytes) m11565.jpg (415034 bytes) m11567.jpg (492206 bytes)

m11569.jpg (416121 bytes) m11571.jpg (351462 bytes) m11573.jpg (357080 bytes) m11574.jpg (340214 bytes) m11576.jpg (175178 bytes)

m11578.jpg (488192 bytes) m11580.jpg (328822 bytes) m11583.jpg (385829 bytes) m11586.jpg (440876 bytes) m11589.jpg (333092 bytes)

m11590.jpg (193452 bytes) m11591.jpg (397982 bytes) m11592.jpg (196081 bytes) m11593.jpg (224398 bytes) m11596.jpg (357888 bytes)

m11598.jpg (389478 bytes) m11603.jpg (420564 bytes) m11608.jpg (319417 bytes) m11610.jpg (242128 bytes) m11611.jpg (307383 bytes)

m11612.jpg (321405 bytes) m11614.jpg (313321 bytes) m11616.jpg (351840 bytes) m11618.jpg (373136 bytes) m11620.jpg (406613 bytes)

m11626.jpg (392077 bytes) m11627.jpg (446924 bytes) m11628.jpg (213931 bytes) m11629.jpg (313151 bytes) m11630.jpg (308578 bytes)

m11631.jpg (385777 bytes) m11636.jpg (248372 bytes) m11637.jpg (354315 bytes) m11638.jpg (409274 bytes) m11640.jpg (350228 bytes)

m11641.jpg (352048 bytes) m11642.jpg (428125 bytes) m11644.jpg (346704 bytes) m11648.jpg (409663 bytes) m11649.jpg (170608 bytes)

m11652.jpg (336594 bytes) m11654.jpg (358502 bytes) m11659a.jpg (353866 bytes) m11662.jpg (402002 bytes) m11663.jpg (397045 bytes)

m11664.jpg (404676 bytes)

Added 20 August 2020 - London Underground (16 August 2020)
Ooh, it was like relaxing into a nice comfy sofa....for the first time since February, I took a trip on the London Underground. I have missed it a lot, and I kept away for a while for obvious reasons. but it was really nice to be back riding and photographing a railway system that is close to my heart. The system was very quiet making it easy to grab fairly clear pictures at places that are normally busy like Oxford Circus and Tottenham Court Road. I would much rather see it busy though if I am honest.

Added 20 August 2020 - BBMF at RAF Coningsby (15 August 2020)
Although the weather was crap, I took a trip over to Coningsby to see the BBMF go up to mark VJ Day.

Added 20 August 2020 - EMA (14 August 2020)
An evening trip to East Midlands Airport.

m11467.jpg (309194 bytes)

Added 20 August 2020 - EMA and Thurmaston (11 August 2020)
An evening trip to East Midlands Airport and a HST at Thurmaston.

F00123.jpg (666666 bytes)

Added 10 August 2020 - HST (10 August 2020)
A quick snap at Thurmaston of a HST.

d39798.jpg (690547 bytes)

Added 10 August 2020 - EMA and 91s (9 August 2020)
A 747 at EMA followed by two 91s at Barkston.

m11425.jpg (222975 bytes) m11429.jpg (359313 bytes) m11430.jpg (333331 bytes) d39793.jpg (610602 bytes) d39797.jpg (663807 bytes)

Added 10 August 2020 - Settle & Carlisle (8 August 2020)
A superb day on one of England's most scenic lines, the Settle & Carlisle railway. This was to photograph the LSL operated tourist trains, but also gave the bonus of a mainline steam special.

d39774.jpg (652343 bytes) d39780.jpg (697567 bytes) d39781.jpg (704062 bytes) d39782.jpg (781089 bytes) d39784.jpg (562834 bytes)

d39785.jpg (742745 bytes) d39786.jpg (712205 bytes) d39788.jpg (809323 bytes)

Added 10 August 2020 - RAF Lakenheath (again!) and Brandon (7 August 2020)
With the new lens safely in my possession, my wife suggested a repeat visit to Lakenheath, and I didn't need a second invitation. A cracking morning there was followed by a nice afternoon in Sheringham (no photos), and on the way I paused to photograph the disused signalbox at Brandon.

m11347.jpg (252178 bytes)

m11349.jpg (245175 bytes) m11350.jpg (302283 bytes) m11354.jpg (226111 bytes) m11356.jpg (276568 bytes) m11361.jpg (311109 bytes)

m11363.jpg (287968 bytes) m11370.jpg (440539 bytes) m11371.jpg (313962 bytes) m11377.jpg (346724 bytes) m11382.jpg (434340 bytes)

m11391.jpg (273420 bytes) m11393.jpg (346155 bytes) m11399.jpg (393028 bytes) m11406.jpg (324745 bytes) m11407.jpg (358019 bytes)

m11410.jpg (347458 bytes) m11416.jpg (391677 bytes) d39772.jpg (587605 bytes)

Added 10 August 2020 - RAF Coningsby (6 August 2020)
An evening at Typhoon heaven. The weather was pants while I was there, but I came away with a couple of pan shots that I was pretty pleased with.

m11324.jpg (274707 bytes) m11339.jpg (220376 bytes)

Added 6 August 2020 - East Midlands Airport (4 August 2020)
Testing a new lens at EMA.

m11297.jpg (423207 bytes) m11298.jpg (279056 bytes) m11300.jpg (326653 bytes)

Added 6 August 2020 - RAF Lakenheath and Hunstanton (3 August 2020)
As part of a day out with my wife, I called in at RAF Lakenheath to see some USAF F15s. They were taking off to the east, so made for some very nice pictures from the adjacent road. It was then off to the coast, and I have included a drone picture of Hunstanton.

m11206.jpg (396594 bytes) m11207.jpg (371094 bytes)

m11211.jpg (268142 bytes) m11215.jpg (243676 bytes) m11220.jpg (277888 bytes) m11223.jpg (272522 bytes) m11225.jpg (232484 bytes)

m11228.jpg (281110 bytes) m11235.jpg (260308 bytes) m11237.jpg (266512 bytes) m11242.jpg (288246 bytes) m11244.jpg (280695 bytes)

m11247.jpg (263777 bytes) m11254.jpg (272759 bytes) m11260.jpg (286627 bytes) m11264.jpg (485571 bytes) m11266.jpg (490810 bytes)

m11271.jpg (568005 bytes) m11272.jpg (380694 bytes) m11273.jpg (397746 bytes) m11274.jpg (397694 bytes) m11275.jpg (513639 bytes)

m11277.jpg (403870 bytes) m11282.jpg (488627 bytes) m11283.jpg (563105 bytes) m11286.jpg (448186 bytes) m11287.jpg (517812 bytes)

m11288.jpg (465116 bytes) m11290.jpg (484095 bytes) F00119.jpg (532939 bytes)

Added 10 August 2020 - Drone Pictures (31 July 2020)
Wyfordby and Bulkington.

F00099.jpg (592734 bytes) F00101.jpg (656346 bytes) F00104.jpg (651295 bytes)

Added 26 July 2020 - East Midlands Airport (26 July 2020)
What a line up, an Antonov AN124 followed by an Ilyushin IL76, plus a few other bits. Sadly, the sun didn't play ball for the IL76, but came out just as the Antonov was approaching.

m11163.jpg (267615 bytes) m11169.jpg (298610 bytes)

m11175.jpg (290664 bytes) m11178.jpg (264557 bytes) m11180.jpg (299684 bytes) m11184.jpg (338996 bytes) m11190.jpg (311474 bytes)

Added 25 July 2020 - RAF Coningsby (23/24 July 2020)
An after work visit to RAF Coningsby to watch the Typhoons.

m11076.jpg (228152 bytes) m11078.jpg (192301 bytes)

m11094sfx.jpg (360750 bytes) m11102.jpg (209223 bytes) m11107sfx.jpg (311325 bytes) m11119.jpg (268073 bytes) m11122.jpg (283583 bytes)

m11124.jpg (226723 bytes) m11127.jpg (411613 bytes) m11134.jpg (268163 bytes) m11136sfx.jpg (360980 bytes) m11142.jpg (358961 bytes)

m11150.jpg (249319 bytes) m11152.jpg (222984 bytes) m11157.jpg (285392 bytes)

Added 22 July 2020 - Syston, Skeggy and RAF Coningsby (20 July 2020)
A day out to Skegness which also included a class 66 hauled unit drag at Syston and a quick visit to RAF Coningsby.

d39765.jpg (792944 bytes) F00093.jpg (541117 bytes) F00094.jpg (649581 bytes) F00095.jpg (684087 bytes)

Added 22 July 2020 - Derbyshire and EMA (19 July 2020)
A day out in Derbyshire with a quick visit made to East Midlands Airport on the way home.

F00085.jpg (562812 bytes) F00086.jpg (622362 bytes) F00089.jpg (736240 bytes)

Added 18 July 2020 - Friday Bits (17 July 2020)
Leicester at lunchtime and Bulkington in the evening for 4M87 (which I got blobbed on by a cloud)

Added 18 July 2020 - Sunday Variety (12 July 2020)
I have been waiting for a northbound freight to run over Harringworth Viaduct ever since I bought a drone. One was booked to do just that, so I started the day there. This was followed by a 66 at Barrow on Soar, some East Midlands Airport action (got the AirBridge Cargo 747 arriving in sun at last), a 60 at Willington, a drone shot of Toton and a 66 on an engineer's train in Leicester.

m10997.jpg (273466 bytes) m10999.jpg (322509 bytes)

m11004.jpg (269931 bytes) m11010.jpg (297275 bytes) m11011.jpg (314097 bytes) m11012.jpg (422843 bytes) m11013.jpg (334490 bytes)

m11017.jpg (331663 bytes)

Added 18 July 2020 - WCML and Local Bits (11 July 2020)
I went over to Mancetter in the morning. I know I have already done the sleeper here, so this was almost a repeat, but on my last visit, I just missed the 88 on 4M49, so that was my main target this time. There was then a few other bits floating about, so I moved to Grendon. In the evening, an engineering train at Thurmaston was followed by a 66 on the sand at Rearsby.

Added 18 July 2020 - Searchlight Lane (10 July 2020)
I was there for the 86s on 4M87 but managed a few bonus 66s.

Added 18 July 2020 - Before and After Work Moves (6 July 2020)
Rearsby in the morning, Easenhall and Cossington in the evening.

Added 18 July 2020 - Diverted HST (5 July 2020)
Rotherby with an EMR HST avoiding Leicester due to engineering works.

Added 29 June 2020 - London Underground (28 June 2020)
It has been several months since I last visited the London Underground due to the Covid-19 restrictions. On this day, I made a low key 'non-contact' visit to two locations by car to grab a few photos. The first was Arnos Park viaduct where I used the drone to show the viaduct cutting through the park, and the second was Leytonstone where I was after a location which really requires high summer sun  to get it lit properly. I look forward to the day when I can once again explore this great system free of the currently necessary restrictions and advice to avoid using public transport.

F00055.jpg (668138 bytes) F00056.jpg (660464 bytes) d39715sfx.jpg (546624 bytes) d39716.jpg (740716 bytes) d39719.jpg (692735 bytes)

d39721.jpg (693705 bytes)

Added 26 June 2020 - WCML Bits (25 June 2020)
Early morning at Mancetter followed by an evening visit to Ansty with the drone.

Added 26 June 2020 - Rearsby and Kirby Bellars (24 June 2020)
Early morning at Syston for a red HST followed by an evening visit to Ansty.

Added 26 June 2020 - Local Stuff (23 June 2020)
Lunchtime pictures at East Goscote and Thurmaston, followed by an evening visit to Cathiron for the 86s on 4M87.

Added 26 June 2020 - Rearsby and Kirby Bellars (22 June 2020)
A drone shot of 6L75 at Rearsby and St Peter's Church in Kirby Bellars.

F00046.jpg (698256 bytes)

Added 26 June 2020 - East Midlands Airport (21 June 2020)
A Sunday afternoon visit to EMA to capture an AirBridge Cargo 747 and the first commercial passenger flight since the start of the Covid-19 lockdown.

m10939.jpg (433891 bytes) m10940.jpg (288248 bytes) m10942.jpg (444332 bytes) m10943.jpg (388065 bytes) m10945.jpg (355308 bytes)

m10950.jpg (466831 bytes) m10953.jpg (561841 bytes) m10954.jpg (425634 bytes) m10962.jpg (397837 bytes) m10968.jpg (298028 bytes)

Added 18 June 2020 - Antonov AN124 (16 June 2020)
A lunch time break from work made to coincide with the arrival of a Russion Antonov AN124 at East Midlands Airport.

m10927.jpg (206084 bytes) m10928.jpg (243167 bytes)

Added 18 June 2020 - Leicester Area (13 and 14 June 2020)
A bit of weekend local variety.

d39680.jpg (760279 bytes) d39682.jpg (783713 bytes) d39683.jpg (810484 bytes) d39685.jpg (673359 bytes)

Added 3 June 2020 - Kilby Bridge & Syston (2 June 2020)
A 37 dragging a Crossrail unit, NHS liveried 66731 on the Birch Coppice and some drone shots around Syston North Junction

Added 3 June 2020 - Diverted Sleeper, Biffa 66, Pocket Rocket and a Pair of 20s (1 June 2020)
Some before and after work stuff. In the morning, I headed over to Burton-le-Coggles for the diverted sleeper, and then on the way home paused to capture the Biffa liveried class 66 with the drone as it pulled away from Syston East Junction, followed by the 'Pocket Rocket' HST at Syston South Junction. In the evening, there was a rare move when a pair of class 20s passed through the area towing a rail grinder. This was captured at Rearsby. 

d39665.jpg (704762 bytes) F00029.jpg (708960 bytes) d39667.jpg (805228 bytes) d39668.jpg (654556 bytes)

Added 3 June 2020 - Thurmaston, Crick and Leicester (31 May 2020)
Late morning, I ventured to Thurmaston for a southbound HST which was timed perfectly with when the cutting is fully lit. I then headed off to Crick to capture the class 88 departing from DIRFT with the diverted 4Z45 to Mossend where I also managed a bonus 66 on 4L48. A very pleasant afternoon was then spent walking along the Grand Union Canal, and my return to Leicester was timed perfectly with the 'Flying Tomato' HST heading south on a Nottingham to St pancras service. 

d39658.jpg (916667 bytes) d39659.jpg (830809 bytes) d39661.jpg (826281 bytes) d39664.jpg (790447 bytes)

Added 3 June 2020 - WCML, Melton Mowbray & Rearsby (30 May 2020)
An early start for what I thought was a one shot move to Ashton for the sleeper. I some discovered though, that there were two pairs of class 86s heading south on container trains, so I did the first at Gordon's Lodge, and the second at Milton Malsor. The afternoon was then spent doing 'civilian' things, during which I managed a drone shot of St Mary's Church in Melton Mowbray. Finally, there was a 37 heading back to Derby in the evening, and I popped out to Rearsby to capture this in lovely evening light.

F00027.jpg (774987 bytes)

Added 3 June 2020 - Grendon & Atherstone (29 May 2020)
I headed across to Grendon with the aim of capturing the class 90s on 4M25 and the pair of 86s on 4M87. Both were captured, although I had been working all day and got away a bit late and had only just got into position when the 90s turned up. I was aware that the 37 I had missed the previous day was on its way back, but I wasn't planning on staying that late, so had dismissed it. I did a line up on realtimetrains and discovered that the 37 was in fact running two hours early, so I dived over to Atherstone station and captured it there. I then did the 86s back at Grendon and had a little play with the drone before heading home. 

Added 3 June 2020 - Crick Tunnel (28 May 2020)
With a pair of 86s on 4M87 and a class 37 dragging a class 317 EMU to Kilmarnock, I looked for a location that I had not done before. This involved watching a couple of driver's eye view videos on youtube and looking for open spaces. I found one near to Crick tunnel and decided to go and explore. It turned out to be quite a pleasant spot, although it was quite a walk to get to it. The 86s were nailed without issue, but the 37 got caught up in a signal failure on the North London Line and ended up running 90 minutes late, and as I had other things to do, I left before it got anywhere near to me. Ironically, I discovered later, that had I just typed in 'Crick Tunnel' in a Flickr search, I would have found pictures of this location as it has been visited by other photographers. I bet the location would have been shadowed up by the time the 37 got there. 

Added 3 June 2020 - Melton Mowbray & Grendon (27 May 2020)
Three pictures, the first being a class 66 on 4L93 captured as it was passing Melton Mowbray just as I was heading home from work. Then in the evening, it was off to Grendon for the pair of class 90s on 4S47 and the class 88 on 4S45.

Added 26 May 2020 - Class 720 Drag (26 May 2020)
47739 and 47727 took a class 720 unit from Worksop to the Old dalby test track. I managed to capture the train at Cossington, and then again as it made its way up the branch from Melton Junction to the Asfordby Test Centre.

d39617.jpg (827266 bytes) d39618.jpg (697961 bytes)

Added 26 May 2020 - Bank Holiday Weekend (23-25 May 2020)
Without having to stray too far, there was a tremendous amount of variety that could be photographed over the course of the weekend, the highlights probably being the diverted DRS intermodals on the ECML which were worked by a class 88/68 combination.

d39592.jpg (746265 bytes) d39594.jpg (689911 bytes) d39599.jpg (633263 bytes) d39601.jpg (664949 bytes) F00008.jpg (643841 bytes)

d39603.jpg (675381 bytes) d39604.jpg (624369 bytes) d39605.jpg (585737 bytes) d39610.jpg (698412 bytes) d39611.jpg (672870 bytes)

d39612.jpg (802982 bytes) d39613.jpg (716700 bytes) d39614.jpg (687221 bytes) 

Added 22 May 2020 - Local Stuff (15-22 May 2020)
There has been a lot of sun recently, so there has been a lot of moves for train pictures, mostly before and after work, plus a handful of purposely timed lunchtime 'pop outs'. It is all local stuff, which is no bad thing as in normal times, I often have a habit of travelling half way across the country and ignorning what is on my doorstep. You may notice one or two very elevated shots among these. In the boredom of lockdown, I bought myself a little drone, which I have been having a play with, it's quite a fun piece of kit. 

d39547.jpg (777975 bytes) d39548.jpg (734469 bytes) d39549.jpg (770592 bytes)

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Added 14 May 2020 - Railway Bits (6-14 May 2020)
If you look at my 2020 railway page, due to the coronavirus lockdown, there were just two entries for April! May has already faired better and with the lockdown gently being eased, I hope the sight of trains doing their stuff in the sunshine will replace staring at four walls!

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Added 14 May 2020 - Archive Pages
I have added some archive pages of the UK mainline scene from 1987 to 1996. More will be added in due course. Some of the pictures may be of dubious quality, but hopefully the subject matter will make up for that. 

Added 26 April 2020 - Leicester Buses (26 April 2020)
Yay! I've photographed some trains! It has been over a month since I last photographed a train and I actually managed a couple, both of which were HSTs. I would be lying if I said this wasn't a part of a well executed little plan. I worked out a walking route for my daily exercise which took me out via Welford Road just as one HST was due, and back via New Walk when the next HST was due. Thanks to being able to watch the trains on live maps, I was able to adjust my pace so that I reached each spot at the same time the trains did, so no need to hang around. On the way home, I managed a couple of bus pictures, the Clock Tower with nobody in the shot, and a picture of the (legal) graffiti by the canal at Frog Island.

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Added 25 April 2020 - Leicester Buses (24/25 April 2020)
A couple more pictures of Leicester buses added.

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Added 22 April 2020 - Leicester Buses and Some Birds (21/22 April 2020)
With the lockdown in place since 23 March, this was the first time I had been out with the camera, just popping off a few snaps as I took my permitted daily exercise close to home.

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Added 18 April 2020 - Belgium
A new page has been added which is dedicated to Belgian railways.

Added 12 April 2020 - Slide Scans (various)
Class 37 hauled passenger trains in the Rhymney Valley from 2005, some pictures from the Netherlands from 2003, plus a few other bits.

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Added 7 April 2020 - Slide Scans (various)
More old scans, a bit of snow, a Belgian liveried 90, the Rhymney Valley and a few pictures from Belgium.

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Added 29 March 2020 - Slide Scans (various)
Ten more old scans added to the site.

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Added 25 March 2020 - Before the 'Lockdown' (21-23 March 2003)
While observing social distancing and avoiding using public transport, I managed a few shots including some WCML pictures, a 56 at Stanton Gate, a 767 at EMA and a couple of 66s at Frisby while on my way to work. Later in the day, after taking the Frisby pictures, the 'lockdown' came into effect and the camera is idle awaiting its next duties...

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Added 25 March 2020 - Goole Docks (15 March 2003)
A new page has been added with pictures of 'Pug' 51218 (disguised as 51222) during a Russ Hillier photo charter in Goole Docks in 2003.

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Added 19 March 2020 - Workington Steelworks (31 March 2001)
I have added a page dedicated to a photo charter that I attended at the Moss Bay Steelworks in Workington in 2001. The works were closed for the weekend and we had free roam of the site with four steam locos which picked up various wagons and provided a spectacular show. It is such a shame that the works closed in 2006 and have since been flattened.

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Added 19 March 2020 - Slide Scans
A selection of oldies have been added to the site. Keep checking back, as there are more to come...

x00431.jpg (591460 bytes) x02919.jpg (756925 bytes) x12784.jpg (873659 bytes) x12811.jpg (589650 bytes) x10889.jpg (589355 bytes)

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Added 18 March 2020 - Rare Tractor Working (15 March 2020)
What a whopper! 37218 dropped on a Tesco intermodal working. I managed to get across to Rugby for it and captured it applying the power with a dusk sky as a backdrop. I then hung around for a few minutes for a northbound freight, which turned out to be an 88.

d39480.jpg (432417 bytes) d39482.jpg (537354 bytes)

Added 18 March 2020 - Hoby and Frisby (12 March 2020)
The sun was shining on the way to work, and two freights were heading towards me, so I grabbed a couple of pictures.

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Added 18 March 2020 - Shrewsbury (7 March 2020)
47712 has been painted in Scotrail livery, so I couldn't resist a quick dash to Shrewsbury to take a look and grab a photo.

d39473a.jpg (595859 bytes)

Added 7 March 2020 - Melton A4 (7 March 2020)
I headed across to Melton Mowbray, close to the old foot crossing where I started trainspotting in 1978, to capture an A4 on a railtour. It was very nearly in sun...but not quite.

d39466sfx.jpg (519999 bytes)

Added 7 March 2020 - East Midlands Airport (6 March 2020)
Having heard that a Qatar Cargo 747 had flown in to EMA, I was able to divert that way on my way home from work to grab a few pictures. I managed to capture it in the Cargo Terminal in sun, but the light died for its take off, but I like the shot anyway, so I have included it. I wouldn't mind another go at something similar in sunshine, so may well make a return visit soon.

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m10847.jpg (330022 bytes)

Added 7 March 2020 - London (3 March 2020)
I presented a slide show to the RCTS Watford branch, and afterwards took a short drive down to North London to grab a few pictures of battery locos. My main target was train 641 which was heading for Kingsbury on the Jubilee Line, which I did at Rayners Lane and again at Kingsbury.

Added 7 March 2020 - East Midlands Airport and Aeropark (1 March 2020)
I attended a Threshold.aero photoshoot at the East Midlands Aeropark, and also stuck my camera over the fence at the adjacent East Midlands Airport. Although all the aircraft in the Aeropark were static exhibits, it was nice to have a good look round and grab several pleasing images.

m10789.jpg (444786 bytes) m10791.jpg (258365 bytes) m10792.jpg (249716 bytes) m10799a.jpg (216423 bytes) m10807.jpg (523088 bytes)

m10813.jpg (439291 bytes) m10815.jpg (446118 bytes) m10816.jpg (513782 bytes) m10819.jpg (657127 bytes) m10823.jpg (457656 bytes)

m10826.jpg (297962 bytes)  

Added 7 March 2020 - Merseyside (29 February 2020)
I took a trip up to Merseyside to see the aircraft carrier 'HMS Prince of Wales' which was berthed at the Cruise Terminal in Liverpool. While I was there, I also grabbed a few pictures of class 507 and 508 EMUs as they won't be around for too much longer.

m10772.jpg (445918 bytes) m10776.jpg (320973 bytes) d39412.jpg (480199 bytes) d39413.jpg (495912 bytes) d39414.jpg (492845 bytes)

d39416.jpg (457971 bytes) d39418.jpg (447690 bytes) d39420.jpg (489263 bytes) d39431.jpg (702417 bytes) d39438.jpg (762210 bytes)

d39441.jpg (655074 bytes) d39442.jpg (663554 bytes) d39443.jpg (692772 bytes) d39444.jpg (513935 bytes) d39446.jpg (459290 bytes)

m10780.jpg (315050 bytes) m10781.jpg (390469 bytes) m10782.jpg (289316 bytes)

Added 7 March 2020 - Buses and Landscape Pictures
A few bus and landscape pictures taken in February that I had inadvertently forgot to add to the website.

m10757.jpg (443716 bytes) m10759.jpg (480089 bytes) m10769.jpg (568098 bytes) m10762.jpg (302668 bytes) m10766.jpg (255306 bytes)

Added 24 February 2020 - Midland Metro (23 February 2020)
I thought I would go and take a look at the new extension to the Midland Metro system into Centenary Square in Birmingham.

d39405.jpg (530531 bytes) d39407.jpg (529817 bytes) d39408.jpg (795806 bytes)

Added 24 February 2020 - London (22 February 2020)
This was a day out in London with my wife, but as there was some engineering works taking place at Highgate Depot, I parked strategically at nearby East Finchley and managed a few battery loco pictures without causing too much friction :-)


Added 24 February 2020 - Rugby (21/22 February 2020)
There was a GBRf liveried class 92 on the Caledonian Sleeper, so I went for that and managed a few other bits and bobs too.

d39348.jpg (531082 bytes) d39349.jpg (583844 bytes) d39350.jpg (467043 bytes) d39358.jpg (537237 bytes) d39359.jpg (551743 bytes)

d39361.jpg (577589 bytes) d39362.jpg (513656 bytes)

Added 24 February 2020 - Grantham (20 February 2020)
A couple of shots taken at Grantham just before I presented a slide show to the Grantham Railway Society.

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